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R32 White toilet seat Dania with cover, 100mm raised, open front, incl splashguard



R32 Toilet seat Dania with open front, with cover, 100mm raised.

With stabilising buffers and special hinges adapted to raise toilet seat. Incl. splash guard.
Toilet seat, Dania, with stabilising buffers, w/cover, raised 100 mm, open front, incl. splashguard.
With raised cross bar hinge.
White only
Seat/cover: Thermoset plastic (urea).

Strap: Stainless steel V2A

Raiser: Nylon (PA)

Special buffer: ABS-plastic

Max. vertical load: 150 kg.
An ergonomically designed seat that is well suited to most people. Sideways transfer is easy because the seat is rather flat. The cover is comfortable to sit on, and when set upright it gives good support to the back.
The open front makes it suitable as a bidet seat, with easy access for a handheld showerhead. Well suited to hospitals, as most bedpans fit into the bowl while the handle is placed in the open front.
Raised 10 cm to make it less difficult to sit down and stand up.

Weight 4.3 kg
Use a mild soap solution to clean the seat. Please take care that the seat and hinges are not left damp. Dry off any residual water or cleaning agent with a soft cloth. Avoid contact of the seat and hinges with abrasive, corrosive or chlorine-based cleaners, as these may cause damage or lead to flash rust. Therefore, when cleaning the bowl, make sure that the seat and cover are kept in an upright position until all cleaning agent has been flushed away.